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Baseball Player’s Nutrition

Baseball players are always looking for a competitive advantage.  The problem is that most of them look to things that don’t make a REAL IMPACT on their performance on the field!  Big League Nutrition is designed just for baseball players and will teach you one of the most overlooked part of athletics…nutrition!  If your body isn’t fueled correctly you won’t have the energy that you need at the end of a long season, you won’t be able to properly recover from intense practices/workouts, and you won’t be able to gain muscle mass that will make you stand out to college coaches and professional scouts.

The authors, Xan Barksdale, Kyle Bunn, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Matt Landreth have teamed up to put together the most complete guide to nutrition ever written for Baseball Players…by baseball players!

Big League Nutrition will teach you how carbohydrates, protein, and fats affect athletic performance and how much of each you need based on your body type and composition.  This book will provide you with the information you need to create a Highly Individualized Diet based on your athletic goals!  Once you learn what each of the macro-nutrients do you will learn how to time them around athletic events and workouts to maximize performance.


Here is What You Will Learn in Big League Nutrition…

  • How to properly Gain Muscle Mass
  • How to Lose Body Fat
  • What to eat On-The-Go (best choices of what to eat at 20+ restaurants)
  • Fueling yourself Pre-Workout, During-Workout, and Post-Workout
  • The importance of Hydration
  • Recommended Nutritional Supplements
  • What Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats are (and what they do in your body)
  • The effects of Alcohol and Tobacco on Performance
  • Gain Muscle Mass

    One of the most common goals among baseball players is to get bigger and stronger.  This is accomplished by gaining lean muscle mass.  We show you exactly how to pack on muscle without gaining any fat.

  • Lose Body Fat

    There aren’t a whole lot of guys in the Major Leagues who don’t have lean, athletic bodies.  If your goal is to lean up and lose some extra body fat we’ll show you exactly how to do that so that you can be quicker and faster.

  • On-The-Go Restaurant Guide

    We understand the life of a baseball player.  You’re busy, traveling on a bus, and out of town a lot so you can’t always prepare your meals at home.  We will show you the best things you can eat at 20+ of your favorite restaurants.

  • Nutrient Timing

    It’s important that you’re getting the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  It’s just as important that you time them correctly around your workouts, and games so that you have energy and build muscle.

  • Importance of Hydration

    One of the most overlooked aspects is hydration.  When athletes get thirsty during competition it’s already too late, they should be drinking plenty of water leading up to competition and practices to keep the body hydrated.

  • Recommended Supplements

    In health magazines about 40% of the pages are advertisements by nutritional supplement companies.  We will show you which ones are safe, beneficial, and won’t make you fail a drug test.

  • Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats

    There are three macro-nutrients that you need to understand and they are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  Knowing exactly what these do in your body will help you build a nutrition plan that is unique to you.

  • Negative Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco

    Tobacco is cool, right?  Wrong!  Alcohol and tobacco have negative effects on the body’s ability to build muscle.  If you want to maximize your performance you need to minimize the alcohol and tobacco.

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This is What Top College Coaches Are Saying…

John Savage, Head Coach, UCLA For our athletes nutrition has the same importance as our strength and condition program. The athletes have demanding schedules; the season can be a long grind and they need the energy to perform on the field and in the classroom – that is why it is so import that our athletes take care of their bodies by fueling-up correctly.
Andy Lopez, Head Coach, Arizona I’ve been a part of two national championship teams (1992 & 2012) and both of those teams had a few things in common.  The most noticeable was the level of attention to detail.  Not just on the playing field, but off the field too.  To endure a 70+ game college baseball season athletes need to properly fuel their bodies for peak performance and pay great attention to what they eat.  Big League Nutrition is an excellent guide for baseball players to learn how to make smart decisions about what to put into their bodies whether they have time to prepare a meal, or need quick meal on-the-go.
John Cohen, Head Coach, Mississippi State University Playing baseball at the collegiate level can be a grind.  Without proper strength and conditioning, along with appropriate drill work the player has little opportunity to develop.  But without nutrition and rest, the player cannot reach his potential.
Chad Holbrook, Head Coach, South Carolina Every team that wins a championship must play well at the end of the season.  One way to ensure that your team can do this is to fuel the body properly.  If your players are constantly making poor eating decisions they’re not going to have the energy or stamina to play well at the end of a grueling 70+ game season.  Big League Nutrition is an excellent guide for baseball players, coaches, and parents to educate themselves on how to eat for peak performance.
Kevin O'Sullivan, Head Coach, Florida The value of a proper diet and good nutrition has become increasingly important for optimizing a baseball player’s performance. Food provides us the energy to train/practice and the building blocks to grow.  Baseball players who train/practice at a high intensity must be properly fueled in order to reach their physical and mental potential on the field.  Consistent eating patterns and attention to a balanced diet will provide the player with the benefits of good nutrition. Proper nutrition and weight control is a lifelong habit; teach your players proper guidelines now.
Mike Bianco, Head Coach, Ole Miss As a college baseball coach, I tell my players often to control the things you can control and forget about the things you can’t.  One thing that they have control over is their nutrition – what they put in their body.  They are elite athletes so they must think, act, and EAT like elite athletes.
Erik Bakich, Head Coach, Michigan As a former personal trainer, the first thing you learned was that 70-80% of the results you get come from what you put in your body, not what you do to your body.  That’s why all of our players have an individualized nutrition program to help maximize their development.
Jim Schlossnagle, Head Coach, TCU There are so many things in the game of baseball that you can’t control.  One thing you CAN control that will have a direct influence on your performance is nutrition.  There is literally no excuse to not eat properly.  We demand that our players eat for performance and not for pleasure.
Mike Gambino, Head Coach, Boston College I think good nutrition is one of the most important things athletes need to learn when they come to college. What you put into your body directly affects your energy and concentration during practice and games, as well as how your body recovers. Learning what and when to eat and how to stay properly hydrated, I believe, is paramount to the success of any athlete.
Turtle Thomas, Head Coach, FIU I think the most overlooked aspect of a college baseball player performing at a high level over the course of 56 plus games is nutrition and knowing how to take care of your body. The championship teams that I have been a part of optimized a great nutrition plan and were able to maintain a high level of performance on the field over the course of an entire season. The goal is to get better throughout the season and peak at the end of the year and properly fueling your body can be the difference.
Scott Berry, Head Coach, Southern Mississippi As coaches and athletes, we are always looking for ways to maximize our abilities and performance the right way. Over the past few years nutrition has become an important factor in many athletes at all levels. It’s been proven what you eat has an impact both mentally and physically on how the body develops and performs from the first game to the end of the season. Like anything, to be good at something it requires discipline. Nutrition and what we eat requires the same discipline as perfecting a physical skill.
Scott Forbes, Assoc. Head Coach, North Carolina Taking care of your body through proper diet, exercise, and rest allows our players at UNC to stay strong throughout the grind of a long season, and helps players play at their peak performance.  Big League Nutrition is the guide we use!
Scott Brown, Pitching Coach, Vanderbilt Nutrition along with sleep are two areas that most coaches do not pay close enough attention to when it comes to peak performance.  The body has the ability to both recover and strengthen itself when it is fueled with the right nutrients and proper sleep is obtained.  Your body is your temple and you have to be very aware of what is being put into it and how it is rested.  These two areas are just as important as physical training and must be monitored in accordance to a specific training plan if maximum performance is going to be achieved.  I think the real key component that both of these areas attribute success to is recovery for the elite athlete so that they can perform at a high level each time.
Brendan Dougherty, Asst. Coach, Western Kentucky Nutrition plays a vital role for elite level athletes, in any sport taking care of your body so that you can perform at the highest level for greater period is so important. We try to educate our players that what they are putting into there body will give them fuel to stay in the present moment and perform at there best when it is needed the most. Most college athletic programs have some type post workout shake for there athletes, it is when they are at home that they need to put the proper things into there body so they will receive the benefits from the workout they just had. It is difficult to monitor this and we all know that fast food right after practice or a workout is easier than going home and cooking a meal, but if we educate them on how to out properly they will have a better chance of sustaining the fuel to allow them to play at there best.
Garrett Quinn, Asst. Coach, Liberty Nutrition is the next frontier in achieving maximum performance for baseball players.  The daily grind of practice, games, and strength and conditioning regimens makes it imperative for players of all ages to fuel their bodies with the right foods and supplements.  Not only will a good diet help with performance on the field, but it will also allow players to get the most out of all their workouts while greatly enhancing the daily recovery process.
Rocky Colburn, Strength Coach, Alabama The Volkswagon Beetle can have mud, gunk and all kinds of trash poured in its engine and it will keep running, though not too well. The top-fuel dragster has to have its engine taken apart after each race, because one speck of dirt in the wrong place can cause it to blow-up.  The same can be said of the difference between the average athlete and the elite athlete. The average athlete can keep running on pretty much anything, but the elite athlete must take great care in what he puts in his body or it will not stay healthy or function properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Q.Is this guide safe for young players?

    A.Absolutely!  It’s never too early to start eating healthy.  Players of any age will notice benefits to eating healtiher.

  • Q.Will Big League Nutriton show me how to gain/lose weight?

    A.Of course!  It doesn’t matter what your weight gain/loss goals are this guide will show you exactly what your diet needs to be to achieve your goals.

  • Q.I eat healthy now, will this guide still help?

    A.Yes.  Most people don’t actually know the difference between eating “healthy” and fueling your body for peak athletic performance.  This is going to show you exactly how to get the most out of your body.

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